Message from Principal





Welcome to the website of Kendriya Vidyalaya Lucknow Cantt., Lucknow.  K.V. Lucknow Cantt.  is an institute with towering presence in the field of  education serving to the society, we facilitate the students to survive in this  global scenario. We believe that we do not just help the students in learning process but we provide the equal opportunities for the desired equity of education as well as we teach them art of living with creativity where we nurture our children through imparting inclusive education according to the individual difference. We initialize experimentation and innovation in the field of education to make our teaching learning process interesting. We believe that our education should be inspirational pivot that makes our students as twinkling stars to shine in this world. For us quality education is not just a beautiful term used for embellishment, but a goal fully realized where discipline is not a utopian ideal but a way of life where we sow the seeds of possibilities for a new and progressive society and water the plants of hope so that the future generation can visualize a great blossoming of goodness and virtues all around. The Vidyalaya feels proud of its learned team of dedicated teachers and staff members who have served as well as won respect from the society with their dedication and sincere efforts.